The wearing of school uniform is encouraged as we feel it develops a sense of pride and belonging. All clothing should be named so that lost property can be returned quickly and staff time is not wasted.
School uniform can be purchased online - from Saffron Apparel. Saffron Apparel provide free delivery to orders collected from school. We are also set up with Tesco (click the link below) should parents prefer.
There is an order form available in the school office. If you have difficult in purchasing uniform please speak to the School Office who will be able to help – this includes if you unable to afford uniform. Some families may be entitled to free uniform if in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant.
Scroll through the pictures to view the Uniform Policy at Hormead School.
Items marked with * are available through the school office with the logo embroided/printed on.
Jewellery is not permitted in school. Pierced ears should be plain stud only, which needs to be removed by the child for PE and swimming lessons. If they are unable to remove it themselves, then the studs shouldn't be worn for that day. Taping up is only suitable during the first six weeks of piercing. This is a matter of your child's safety at school.
Long hair must be tied back - shoulder length is a good guide for when to tie back. Please use a plain hair bob, hair band or ribbon - no fashion ribbons/hair bands.
Nail varnish should be removed before the start of each school day.